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Near-infrared and Optical Observations of Type Ic SN 2020oi and Broad-lined Type Ic SN 2020bvc: Carbon Monoxide, Dust, and High-velocity Supernova Ejecta 期刊论文
The Astrophysical Journal, 2021, 卷号: 908, 期号: 2, 页码: 21
Authors:  Rho, J.;  Evans, A.;  Geballe, T. R.;  Banerjee, D. P. K.;  Hoeflich, P.;  Shahbandeh, M.;  Valenti, S.;  Yoon, S.-C.;  Jin, H.;  Williamson, M.;  Modjaz, M.;  Hiramatsu, D.;  Howell, D. A.;  Pellegrino, C.;  Vinkó, J.;  Cartier, R.;  Burke, J.;  McCully, C.;  An, H.;  Cha, H.;  Pritchard, T.;  Wang, X.;  Andrews, J.;  Galbany, L.;  Dyk, S. Van;  Graham, M. L.;  Blinnikov, S.;  Joshi, V.;  Pál, A.;  Kriskovics, L.;  Ordasi, A.;  Szakats, R.;  Vida, K.;  Chen, Z.;  Li, X.;  Zhang JJ(张居甲);  Yan, S.
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Core-collapse supernovae  Type Ic supernovae  Carbonaceous grains  Cosmochemistry  Interstellar molecules  Molecular spectroscopy  High resolution spectroscopy  Line intensities  Silicate grains  Interstellar dust  Explosive nucleosynthesis  Nucleosynthesis  
Discovery and Rapid Follow-up Observations of the Unusual Type II SN 2018ivc in NGC 1068 期刊论文
ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 2020, 卷号: 895, 期号: 1, 页码: 20
Authors:  Bostroem, K. A.;  Valenti, S.;  Sand, D. J.;  Andrews ,J. E.;  Van Dyk, S. D.;  Galbany, L.;  Pooley, D.;  Amaro, R. C.;  Smith, N.;  Yang, S.;  Anupama, G. C.;  Arcavi, I.;  Baron, E.;  Brown, P. J.;  Burke ,J.;  Cartier, R.;  Hiramatsu, D.;  Dastidar, R.;  DerKacy, J. M.;  Dong, Y.;  Egami, E.;  Ertel ,S.;  Filippenko, A. V.;  Fox, O. D.;  Haislip, J.;  Hosseinzadeh, G.;  Howell, D. A.;  Gangopadhyay, A.;  Jha, S. W.;  Kouprianov, V.;  Kumar, B.;  Lundquist, M.;  Milisavljevic, D.;  McCully, C.;  Milne, P.;  Misra, K.;  Reichart, D. E.;  Sahu, D. K.;  Sai, H.;  Singh, A.;  Smith, P. S.;  Vinko, J.;  Wang, X.;  Wang, Y.;  Wheeler, J. C.;  Williams ,G. G.;  Wyatt, S.;  Zhang JJ(张居甲);  Zhang, X.
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