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Discovery and progenitor constraints on the Type Ia supernova 2013gy 期刊论文
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 2019, 卷号: 627, 页码: 9
Authors:  Holmbo, S.;  Stritzinger, M.D.;  Shappee, B.J.;  Tucker, M. A.;  Zheng, W.;  Ashall, C.;  Phillips, M. M.;  Contreras, C.;  Filippenko, A., V;  Hoeflich, P.;  Huber, M.;  Piro, A. L.;  Wang, X. F.;  Zhang JJ(张居甲);  Anais, J.;  Baron, E.;  Burns, C. R.;  Campillay, A.;  Castellon, S.;  Corco, C.;  Hsiao, E. Y.;  Krisciunas, K.;  Morrell, N.;  Nielsen, M. T. B.;  Persson, S. E.;  Taddia, F.;  Tomasella, L.;  Zhang, T-M;  Zhao, X-L
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supernovae: general  supernovae: individual SN 2013gy  
Evidence for a Chandrasekhar-mass explosion in the Ca-strong 1991bg-like type Ia supernova 2016hnk 期刊论文
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2019, 卷号: 630
Authors:  Galbany, L.;  Ashall, C.;  Höflich, P.;  González-Gaitán, S.;  Taubenberger, S.;  Stritzinger, M.;  Hsiao, E.Y.;  Mazzali, P.;  Baron, E.;  Blondin, S.;  Bose, S.;  Bulla, M.;  Burke, J.F.;  Burns, C.R.;  Cartier, R.;  Chen, P.;  della Valle, M.;  Diamond, T.R.;  Gutiérrez, C.P.;  Harmanen, J.;  Hiramatsu, D.;  Holoien, T.W.-S.;  Hosseinzadeh, G.;  Andrew Howell, D.;  Huang, Y.;  Inserra, C.;  de Jaeger, T.;  Jha, S.W.;  Kangas, T.;  Kromer, M.;  Lyman, J.D.;  Maguire, K.;  Howie Marion, G.;  Milisavljevic, D.;  Prentice, S.J.;  Razza, A.;  Reynolds, T.M.;  Sand, D.J.;  Shappee, B.J.;  Shekhar, R.;  Smartt, S.J.;  Stassun, K.G.;  Sullivan, M.;  Valenti, S.;  Villanueva, S.;  Wang, X.;  Craig Wheeler, J.;  Zhai Q(翟倩);  Zhang JJ(张居甲)
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