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Diagnosing the Magnetic Field Structure of a Coronal Cavity Observed During the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse 会议论文
2018年中国地球科学联合学术年会会议文集, 中国北京, 2018-10-21
Authors:  Chen YJ(陈亚杰);  Tian H(田晖);  Su YN(宿英娜);  Qu ZQ(屈中权);  Deng LH(邓林华)
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Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica-Serie de Conferencias - V WORKSHOP ON ROBOTIC AUTONOMOUS OBSERVATORIES, 2017, Mazagon, SPAIN, 2017-10-16
Authors:  Wang CJ(王传军);  Chen LX(陈林勰);  Fan YF(范玉峰);  Wang DQ(王德清)
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Instrumentation: Miscellaneous  
Solar Radio Burst Automatic Detection Method for Decimetric and Metric Data of YNAO 会议论文
Proceedings of Data Science - 5th International Conference of Pioneering Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators, ICPCSEE 2019 - Communications in Computer and Information Science, Guilin, China, 2019-09-20
Authors:  Yuan, Guowu;  Jin, Menglin;  Cui, Zexiao;  Luo, Gaifang;  Li, Guoliang;  Dai, Hongbing;  Dong L(董亮)
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Application of HPIC-LBM in Large temporal-spatial scale 3D turbulent magnetic reconnection 会议论文
Proceedings of 2018 American Geophysics Union Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C, 2018-12-10
Authors:  Yan, Hui;  Zhu BJ(朱伯靖)
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Rhpic-lbm  3d Large Temporal-spatial Scale Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection  Slipping Magnetic Reconnection  Turbulence Acceleration  
太阳射电爆发对不同波段无线电信号影响分析 会议论文
中国气象学会会议论文集——第35届中国气象学会年会 S18 空间天气观测与业务的融合, 中国安徽合肥, 2018-10-24
Authors:  董亮;  闫小娟;  黄文耿;  敦金平;  高冠男
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太阳射电爆发  无线通信  同频干扰  导航通信  
Photometric study of cataclysmic variable ASAS–SN–13cx in active and quite states 会议论文
Proceedings of Science - Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects IV, GOLDEN 2017, Palermo, Italy, 2017-09-11
Authors:  Voloshina, Irina;  Khruzina, Tatiana;  Qian SB(钱声帮);  Zhu LY(朱俐颖);  Kafka, Stella;  Metlov, Vladimir
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A method for correcting illumination unevenness of solar image 会议论文
International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science -PROCEEDINGS OF 2017 8TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND SERVICE SCIENCE (ICSESS 2017), Beijing, China, 2017-11-24
Authors:  Fu, Xiaona;  Ji KF(季凯帆);  Yang, Yunfei;  Duan, Wenliang;  Deng, Hui;  Zhang, Xiaoli
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Uneven Illumination  Background Fitting  Mask  
A correct method based on retinex for the solar image with uneven illumination 会议论文
International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science - PROCEEDINGS OF 2017 8TH IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND SERVICE SCIENCE (ICSESS 2017), Beijing, China, 2017-11-24
Authors:  Yang, Hongjuan;  Ji KF(季凯帆);  Yang, Yunfei;  Duan, Wenliang;  Deng, Hui;  Liang, Bo
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Uneven Illumination  Correct  Retinex  
Evolution of the turbulent magnetic reconnection and interaction of helical magnetic structure (flex rope) from 3D VPIC virtual test on Tianhe-2 会议论文
Proceedings of Particle Transport and Energization in Turbulent Plasmas, 2018, Zhuhai, China, 2018-04-24
Authors:  Zhu BJ(朱伯靖);  Yan Hui;  Li Hui;  Guo Fan;  Li Xiaocan;  Li Shanghai;  Fu Xiangrong;  Lin J(林隽)
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Large-Scale Current Sheets in Flares and CMEs 会议论文
Geophysical Monograph Book Series - ELECTRIC CURRENTS IN GEOSPACE AND BEYOND, Dubrovnik, CROATIA, 2016-05-22
Authors:  Lin J(林隽);  Ni L(倪蕾)
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