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The Design and Application of Astronomy Data Lake in China-VO 会议论文
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) Conference Series-ASTRONOMICAL DATA ANALYSIS SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS XXV, ARC Ctr Excellence All Sky Astrophys (CAASTRO), Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 2015-10-25
Authors:  Li, CH;  Cui, CZ;  He, BL;  Fan, DW;  Wang, JW;  Li, SS;  Mi, LY;  Wan, WH;  Chen JY(谌俊毅);  Zhang, HL;  Yu, C;  Ciao, J;  Wang, CJ;  Cao, ZH;  Fan YF(范玉峰);  Hong, Z;  Wang JG(王建国);  Yin, SC;  Liu, L;  Chen, X
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