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ASTROD I: Mission concept and Venus flybys 会议论文
ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, European Space Res & Technol Ctr, Noordwijk, NETHERLANDS, 2003-09-24
Authors:  Ni, WT;  Bao, Y;  Dittus, H;  Huang, TY;  Lammerzahl, C;  Li, GY;  Luo, J;  Ma, ZG;  Mangin, JF;  Nie, YX;  Peters, A;  Rudiger, A;  Samain, E;  Schiller, S;  Shiomi, S;  Sumner, T;  Tang, CJ;  Tao, JH;  Touboul, P;  Wang, HT;  Wicht, A;  Wu, XJ;  Xiong YH(熊耀恒);  Xu, CM;  Yan, J;  Yao, DZ;  Yeh, HC;  Zhang, SL;  Zhang, YZ;  Zhou, ZB
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