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A Hybrid Architecture for Astronomical Computing 会议论文
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) Conference Series - ASTRONOMICAL DATA ANALYSIS SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS XXVI, Italian Natl Inst Astrophys, Trieste Astron Observ, Trieste, ITALY, 2016-10-16
Authors:  Li, Changhua;  Cui, Chenzhou;  He, Boliang;  Fan, Dongwei;  Mi, Linying;  Li, Shanshan;  Yang, Sisi;  Xu, Yunfei;  Han, Jun;  Chen JY(谌俊毅);  Zhang, Hailong;  Yu, Ce;  Xiao, Jian;  Wang CJ(王传军);  Cao, Zihuang;  Fan YF(范玉峰);  Liu, Liang;  Chen, Xiao;  Song, Wenming;  Du, Kangyu
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Update of the China-VO AstroCloud 会议论文
Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) Conference Series-ASTRONOMICAL DATA ANALYSIS SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS XXV, ARC Ctr Excellence All Sky Astrophys (CAASTRO), Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 2015-10-25
Authors:  Cui, Chenzhou;  Yu, Ce;  Xiao, Jian;  He, BoLiang;  Li, Changhua;  Fan, Dongwei;  Wang CJ(王传军);  Hong, Zhi;  Li, Shanshan;  Mi, Linying;  Wan, Wanghui;  Cao, Zihuang;  Wang, Jiawei;  Yin, Shucheng;  Fan YF(范玉峰);  Wang JG(王建国);  Yang, Sisi;  Ling, Yin;  Zhang, Hailong;  Chen JY(谌俊毅);  Liu, Liang;  Chen, Xiao
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