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其他题名A global-shared and low-exchange parallel method of high resolution solar image reconstruction
刘鹏翔1; 季凯帆2; 邓辉1; 梅盈2; 柳翠寅1; 卫守林1,2; 戴伟1,2; 王锋1,2
发表期刊科学通报(Chinese Science Bulletin)
收录类别EI ; CSCD ; 核心
关键词图像重建 重谱法 全共享 低交换 消息传递接口技术 共享内存

高分辨图像重建在太阳物理研究中具有重要地位, 但长期面临着观测数据量巨大, 重建速度慢等难题, 严重影响了太阳高分辨观测的开展. 本文针对我国新一代太阳观测望远镜如一米新真空太阳望远镜(new vacuum solar telescope, NVST)、光学和近红外太阳爆发监测望远镜(optical and near-infrared solar eruption tracer, ONSET)的需求, 通过实测方式细致分析了重谱法各模块的计算耗时, 明确了数据交换性能是影响重建性能的关键瓶颈. 在此分析基础上, 提出了一种通用的全共享低交换并行高分辨图像重建方法. 此方法基于消息传递接口技术(message passing interface, MPI)和共享内存机制, 通过算法优化使重建计算进程完全利用共享内存来高速读写数据, 显著减少进程间数据交换数量, 降低通信开销. 实验结果表明, 本方法大幅度提高了重谱法和Knox-thompson法的重建性能, 在单台16核PC服务器上, 重建100帧ONSET 1660×1660像素大小图像和100帧NVST 1024×1024像了坚实的基础.


The high resolution image reconstruction takes an important place in the solar physics research, but the solar high resolution observation has been hindered severely for a long time due to huge observation data volume, slow reconstruction speed and other factors. In order to treat the huge volume of quasi real-time solar observation data and cope with the computing burden of the same magnitude for high resolution reconstruction of solar image, a number of advanced ground-based solar telescopes at home and abroad have adopted the speckle masking, a method of reconstruction algorithm that can be parallely realized, to reconstruct the high resolution image. Good treatment results are obtained from this method. However, it is still hard to meet the demand for solar observation data treatment at the current efficiency, since the volume of solar telescope observation data is increasing. This paper is directed at the demands of China's new solar telescopes such as the NVST (The 1 m New Vacuum Solar Telescope) and ONSET (Optical and Near-Infrared Solar Eruption Tracer). By analyzing the computing time of each module with the Triple-Spectral method through actual measurement, the paper reaches a conclusion that the data exchange performance is a key bottleneck affecting the reconstruction effect. On this basis, the paper puts forward a universal method of global-shared low-exchange parallel high resolution image reconstruction. This method takes the Triple-Spectral as the core algorithm for image reconstruction and uses the message passing interface (MPI) and shared memory mechanism, allowing the reconstruction computing process to read and write the data in the shared memory at high speed after algorithm optimization. The shared memory, which is created for storage of image data and image reconstruction results respectively according to the size of the image, will be subsequently mapped into each process, giving access to read the processing data and store the reconstruction results independently. While computing the image reconstruction, each child process will not apply the MPI communication to obtain the sub-block image data. Instead, it will read the associated data from the shared memory according to the sub-block image numbering. After the sub-block image reconstruction is done, each child process will store the reconstruction results directly into the shared memory according to the sub-block image numbering, instead of sending the results to the host process via MPI communication. In this way the communication between processes is reduced, the comunication time saved and the data exchange efficiency improved. The experiment results show that on one 16-core PC server, it takes only about 12.4 s for reconstructing the 100-frame ONSET 1660×1660 pixel image and 5.6 s for the 100-frame NVST 1024×1024 pixel image under this method. Good efficiency is achieved in the reconstruction of solar telescope data for ONSET and NVST with different apertures, proving that this method has certain efficiency and universality. The parallel combination of the Triple-Spectral and K-T has greatly reduced the communication process and data exchange in the course of image reconstruction, saved the communication time and improved the reconstruction efficiency. To be further mentioned, the achievement of good efficiency on one server would bring the method into flexible application and save the equipment cost substantially. With the aid of the research outcome of the paper, it is expected to tackle the puzzles remained in the high resolution reconstruction of NVST and ONSET, and bring down the data storage burden. Its fulfillment of real-time high resolution reconstruction has laid a solid foundation for the follow-up researches.

资助项目国家自然科学基金[U1531132] ; 国家自然科学基金[U1631129] ; 国家自然科学基金[11403009] ; 国家自然科学基金[11463003] ; 国家自然科学基金[11573012] ; 国家自然科学基金[U1231205] ; 云南省应用基础研究项目
项目资助者国家自然科学基金[U1531132, U1631129, 11403009, 11463003, 11573012, U1231205] ; 云南省应用基础研究项目
学科领域天文学 ; 太阳与太阳系 ; 太阳与太阳系其他学科 ; 计算机科学技术
学科门类理学 ; 理学::天文学 ; 工学 ; 工学::计算机科学与技术(可授工学、理学学位)
文章类型Journal article (JA)
出版者Chinese Academy of Sciences
出版地P.O. Box 2871, Beijing, 100085, China
EI主题词Image Reconstruction
EI分类号722computer Systems And Equipment - 722.1data Storage, Equipment And Techniques - 723.2data Processing And Image Processing - 913.1production Engineering
作者单位1.昆明理工大学云南省计算机技术应用重点实验室, 昆明 ,650500
2.中国科学院云南天文台, 昆明 ,650216
GB/T 7714
刘鹏翔,季凯帆,邓辉,等. 一种全共享低交换并行高分辨太阳图像重建方法[J]. 科学通报(Chinese Science Bulletin),2018,63(02):181-188.
APA 刘鹏翔.,季凯帆.,邓辉.,梅盈.,柳翠寅.,...&王锋.(2018).一种全共享低交换并行高分辨太阳图像重建方法.科学通报(Chinese Science Bulletin),63(02),181-188.
MLA 刘鹏翔,et al."一种全共享低交换并行高分辨太阳图像重建方法".科学通报(Chinese Science Bulletin) 63.02(2018):181-188.
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